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LASIK Testimonials | ReSTOR® Testimonials


"I had cataract surgery done with the ReSTOR® implant and I have had no problems whatsoever!  I am able to see clearly and no longer have  to wear my contacts or reading glasses! I am so pleased with all of my care at Quality Eye Care, P.C. I was treated well and all of my questions were answered during the whole process.  The staff went out of their way to help me not only medically but also with my insurance questions. Dr. Yu was a fantastic surgeon whose bedside manner was wonderful and his skills were extraordinary.  He was kind and gentle and kept me informed on every detail of my surgeries. I highly recommend Quality Eye Care, P.C. and their staff and especially Dr. Yu, to anyone needing any kind of eye surgery. Thanks again to everyone."

Shin Kang Cho


"My choice of the ReSTOR® lens and the refining surgery…has resulted in excellent vision for distance and my close vision…It is wonderful not to have to be concerned with the care involved in wearing both contact lenses and glasses. I would recommend Dr. Yu without reservation to perform these procedures.  I’m tickled to death not to have to wear glasses while driving because my vision is great! I’ve worn contact lenses for 50 years, instinctively I’d go to take them out and then realize I don’t have to wear them anymore!"

Mildred M. Panyard


"I want to thank you for restoring my sight! The following will give you an idea of how wonderful a job you did. Many years ago I could write like this. Today because of modern medicine and Dr. Yu, I can once again write and read this fine print. My night vision has also improved. Everyone at Quality Eye Care is very friendly and helpful.  They make seeing Dr. Yu more of a pleasure than a trip to the doctor. I am very happy with my ReSTOR® lenses and the way I was treated here and at the surgical facility. My deepest thanks for a wonderful job!"

James Purdy


"When I was diagnosed with cataracts, I was shocked, although I knew something was wrong with my eyes. I just couldn’t see. Dr. Yu told me that I needed cataract surgery (to see well) and talked to me about the various types of implants I could have. I opted for the ReSTOR® lens because I couldn’t pass up the idea of being able to have both distance and near vision. I was told there was an 80% chance I would never need glasses again. I know I had to try it. It is amazing to wake up and be able to read my clock in the middle of the night to see trees in the distance, to drive, read road signs, watch TV, read the newspaper, and even the phone book, all without the use of my contact lenses, glasses, or reading glasses. My life has certainly changed for the better. I am thrilled with my new vision!!!

Rebecca J. Oz


"As profound as this may seem, I believe Dr. Yu has significantly impacted the quality of my life. Simply put, the ReSTOR® surgery he performed RESTORED me to my customary active life.  My vision had become so poor that I was no longer able to read, golf, drive, travel, use the computer, or even enjoy day to day living without considerable difficulty...Now I am not only able to take pleasure in all these activities, but I can do it with perfectly clear vision and NO GLASSES. I cannot believe I DO NOT NEED GLASSES! How could anyone ask for anything more? Last year I did not participate in an annual golf outing to Myrtle Beach with about 30 friends from all over the United States because of my vision.  Almost immediately after the first eye surgery, I called my friends to let them know I was back.  The only thing that made this experience better was the staff working with Dr. Yu. I have never been treated more professionally nor felt so comfortable. This practice could not be named more fittingly – it is Quality Eye Care through and through…all my questions (as well as my wife’s) were answered. All options were clearly explained to us and more importantly, my concerns were heard and resolved; I truly was an integral part of this process that would ultimately impact my life.  I cannot adequately thank Dr. Yu and the staff enough other than to say that I would trust every single person in my family with Dr. Yu.  If you are considering this type of surgery, Dr. Yu is the person you should have performing it.

Robert W. Marten


"Dr. Yu greets me like as if he (has known) me for years. I am at ease every time; I feel like I have known him for years…I (couldn’t) see well on the left eye and little better on the right, so I just sat very close to see anything. I couldn’t really see the people outside walking till they came close to me. I wore glasses all the time no matter what I did. I also had a hard time parking the car; I couldn’t judge the spot. Also, to see prices I had to wear glasses. I did (wear glasses) all day, every day, reading the paper. I finally decided to try Dr. Yu for help to see better. The day of the surgery…I never felt the surgery, and after he said I am ready to go home, I was surprised. I went to the car and I saw everything in the car.  …we left to go for lunch and imagine seeing even what you eat and drink, and people around you! The day I got my first implant I could see everything without glasses. I was surprised the things I saw were so plain, and now since having an implant in my second eye, a new world has opened up for me! I don’t know how to thank him…I could again see everything!

Bernice Filipowski



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