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"In 40 years of wearing glasses I have had only one pair that were truly comfortable. I remember how I cried when I had to give them up to a new prescription. Now I’m comfortable every day and the best part is that I can see the alarm clock as soon as I open my eyes. Did you ever step into the shower still wearing your glasses? I have, but that won’t happen again! Did you ever go wading on the beach wearing your glasses? I have, but no more – Now I will be able to wade out, see clear to the bottom of the water, look out on to the horizon, then slide right into the water to swim! Deciding to have Lasik surgery, and choosing Dr. Yu to perform the surgery were decisions that I did not take lightly. Dr. Yu is a true professional, a bit of a perfectionist (always a good thing in a surgeon!), and has an open and caring manner that every patient will appreciate. He and his staff are there for you, they answer all of your questions and address your concerns along the way. I always felt that he wanted to be sure that I would be completely happy with my results.
Yes, I am!"

Wendy Fairchild


"Having Dr. Yu perform Lasik surgery on my eyes was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Two hours after the procedure, I could see both far and close for the first time since I was in the fifth grade. I no longer have to look for glasses to help my kids do homework or to read a menu. I never fear losing a contact lens while driving. Without a doubt, I have found Lasik surgery to be a “miracle” for how it improved my life."

Michael Goldfarb, M.D.


"LASIK has made my day-to-day life more convenient. I no longer rely on eyeglasses or contacts for driving or exercise. It's wonderful to be able to see the alarm clock when I wake up, without groping for my glasses. I no longer have to mess with contact cleaners or saline solution. I found Dr. Yu's staff to be friendly, enthusiastic, and efficient. I was impressed by Dr. Yu's thoroughness and concern for my comfort during the procedure. It is my pleasure to recommend Dr. Yu to my friends, family, and patients."

Adora E. Pacania, M.D.


"The freedom to be able to simply get up and go about my business without glasses or contacts has been a wonderful experience. I don't have to worry about having my sunglasses and regular glasses. There are no more problems fussing with glasses."

Carl T. Bergren, M.D.


"Dr. Yu spent a lot of time with me before the surgery to determine the correction that would give me the best vision possible. I never dreamed that my vision would be better than it was with my contacts. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome and would recommend Dr. Yu and his staff to anyone who is considering corrective eye surgery."

Renee Marcarian


"As a doctor, I wanted an experienced LASIK surgeon. The care I received from Dr. Yu surpassed my expectations. My vision is great and it is fantastic to wake-up and see clearly without the hassle of contacts."

James Lee, D.O.


"As a physician, I wanted expert care for my LASIK surgery. Thanks to Dr. Yu, my vision is perfect without glasses or contacts. Now I can enjoy more quality time with my family."

Tristy Nunn, M.D.


"(Laser vision correction) has dramatically increased my quality of life. I see better than I did with my contact lenses. It seems like a miracle! No more hassle and discomfort of contacts and glasses! Dr. Yu is absolutely wonderful. My trust and confidence in him helped me get the courage to have Lasik. I had been contemplating it for a year. All staff members, as well, in Dearborn and at the Laser Center made this a wonderful experience! Thank you! I will recommend Dr. Yu to anyone who is interested in Lasik."

Christina Evenson


"I am starting to forget that I ever needed glasses. It is a joy to get up at night and be able to see. One of the best medical experiences I've ever had. I would highly recommend this procedure and Dr. Yu as the surgeon."

Rafal Zielinski, M.D.

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