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LASIK is very safe, assuming the patient meets the physical requirements and has a skilled surgeon. LASIK, however, is real surgery, and as such, involves some risk. The major risks of LASIK are primarily related to the corneal flap, in its creation with the microkeratome and post-operatively. However, it is the corneal flap which makes LASIK so appealing: the lack of pain and the very quick visual recovery are possible because of the flap. Some of the risks include infection (which is rare), corneal abrasions, a poor quality flap, wrinkles, dislocated or dislodged flap, interface inflammation ("Sands of the Sahara"), epithelial ingrowth (surface cells growing under the flap), and night vision difficulties such as glare and halos. The risk of losing some vision is very small, perhaps 1% or less. Choosing a qualified surgeon is one way of making LASIK safer.

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