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Below are 7 reasons why we think Quality Eye Care is the best place for you to have LASIK or refractive surgery, and Dr. Yu, the surgeon for you.

Individualized Patient Care
Free Screening
Knowledge of all Procedures and Lasers
Our Doctors have had LASIK
Accessibility and Excellent Service
Our Ultimate Goal is Your Satisfaction

Dr. Yu has extensive experience in eye microsurgery. He has been honored as a Top Doc in Hour magazine. He has over 20 years experience in refractive surgery, 14 years in Lasik alone. He has performed thousands of refractive procedures. He counts as patients, many physicians who could have gone to anyone, but chose him as their surgeon.

Dr. Yu is personally involved in every step of your Lasik experience. Dr. Yu is with you through the initial screening, the preoperative exam, the surgery, and the post-operative visits. This degree of hands-on involvement assures you of the best possible care and quality results. Dr. Yu does not delegate the responsibility of determining who is a good candidate for Lasik. Remember, there is no easy formula that applies to all patients. Even if a candidate meets the basic physical requirements, there are medical history issues that need to be addressed. There are occupational and non-work related factors (such as hobbies, sports interests, etc.) that must be considered in deciding whether someone would be happy with Lasik surgery; these same factors also direct the choice of the end result (the desired end result may not always be clear distance vision in both eyes; some patients over 40 years of age may want some reading vision in one eye, without the aid of reading glasses).

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Why have my LASIK at Quality Eye Care?

How do I choose my LASIK surgeon?

What are alternatives to LASIK?

Can I afford LASIK?

What is nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism?

What does 20/40 and 20/20 mean?

What does my prescription mean?

What is LASEK or Epi-LASIK?

What is Custom LASIK?

What is Corneal Thickness?

Why is Pupil Size important?

Only a trained physician is capable of analyzing the data and asking the appropriate questions to arrive at the answer to the question: Am I a candidate for Lasik? Lasik is a safe and effective procedure, but part of its safety and effectiveness lie in the fact that only those people who meet certain criteria have the surgery. Only a trained and experienced physician like Dr. Yu can make that determination, not a counselor.

Dr. Yu personally measures the eye prescription that will be the basis of the numbers that will be programmed into the computer of the laser. The results of surgery depend, in large part, on the accuracy of these measurements. The measurements are not like blood tests, in that they depend on the subjective or verbal responses of the patient to the question "Which is better, 1 or 2?", as the patient views the eyechart. The responses of a patient cannot be second-guessed and analyzed real-time, after the numbers have been measured and recorded by someone else. Put yourself in the surgeon's shoes: Would you perform surgery based on numbers measured by someone else, especially if the patient's vision depended on it? This situation is quite different from getting measured for a pair of glasses, where the lenses can be changed if the measurement is found not to be correct.

Dr. Yu performs the surgery himself. Dr. Yu personally examines all of his Lasik patients after their surgeries. Despite what some might imagine, the care after surgery is very important. Potential problems, if identified early, can help avert a less-than-optimal result. While problems after Lasik are uncommon, they are not rare. Most of the problems that occur can be treated, with excellent results, but they require prompt diagnosis and treatment. Patients should insist on being examined post-operatively by the operating surgeon. Only the surgeon will know of the specifics of a patient's surgery, and so-informed, can be on the lookout for potential problems; patients and their surgeries are not all the same. Most medical societies consider postoperative care to be an ethical issue. With some exceptions, the operating surgeon has a responsibility to see his or her patients after surgery. Dr. Yu adheres to these ethical guidelines, and does not co-manage or share the care of his Lasik patients. This stems from a sense of obligation to his patients.

Many high-volume Lasik centers, whether they be "discount" or not, break up the care of their Lasik patients so that the surgeon is only involved in one aspect of a patient's total care, usually the surgery. The screening exam, the preoperative exam, and the postoperative care may very well be performed by others. While this may be efficient, there is considerable debate as to whether this "assembly-line" care delivers the best results and patient satisfaction. The quality of care should never be sacrificed for the efficiencies of mass production, and the only "bottom-line" that Dr. Yu cares about, is making sure his patients do well.

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The screening exam or consultation at Quality Eye Care is completely free, without strings attached. Some Lasik centers, especially the "discount" ones, insist on a credit card down-payment even before you walk through the door. If you are deemed a candidate, you are obliged to follow through with the surgery at their center, or you risk losing your deposit. At Quality Eye Care, we feel you should be able to learn about Lasik surgery, but not feel pressured into having surgery.

While the initial consultation at Quality Eye Care is free, the testing is very thorough. Our screening exam does not stop with measuring your old glasses prescription, as it does with some offices. Corneal thickness measurements (pachymetry), corneal mapping (topography), pupil size measurements, eye dominance, and intraocular pressure measurements are standard. When you leave our office, you will truly know whether you are a so-so, good, or excellent candidate for Lasik surgery (or maybe not a candidate). Without the above measurements, it may be difficult to make a truly informed decision about whether Lasik surgery is right for you.

Your decision to have Lasik surgery with a specific doctor should at least be partially influenced by how much quality time the staff and doctor spend with you at the screening exam. It should tell you the level of commitment the practice is willing to make to you.

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Dr. Yu has extensive knowledge of the lasers used and the different types of procedures. In addition, he does not have a financial interest in the laser he uses.There are many reasons for his decision not to have an ownership interest in a laser. An excimer laser is very expensive to acquire and maintain. Maintenance alone costs tens of thousands of dollars a year. When there is a software upgrade for a laser, the costs can soar. There is a strong incentive to use a laser as much as possible to cover the costs of acquisition and maintenance.

While it is a safe assumption that most physicians would not let this influence their recommendations, Dr. Yu does not want to even have the appearance of a conflict of interest. If he feels that a patient is a borderline candidate, he will so inform that patient. If a patient is best served by a procedure other than Lasik, that recommendation will be made. "Lasik centers" oftentimes are only set up to do Lasik; non-Lasik surgery means lost business.

Not being tied to a particular laser has its advantages. It means that Dr. Yu can offer individualized care to his patients. Some patients may be better treated using a different brand of laser. Again, patients are not all cast from the same mold, and therefore, may require different kinds of treatments. Beyond his expertise in laser vision correction, Dr. Yu is also skilled in other types of refractive surgery.

As discussed before, laser maintenance requires trained and experienced personnel. It requires a meticulously-controlled environment. Dr. Yu performs his surgery at a facility completely dedicated to laser vision correction and nothing else.

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Dr. Yu knows first-hand what this feels like; he had LASIK over a decade ago. While a great deal of a person's energy is directed at the "nuts-and-bolts" of the surgery and making the decision to go ahead with surgery, it is not always easy to follow through. Oftentimes, what holds patients back from taking the next step is anxiety. Only by first-hand experience can someone truly understand what someone else is going through.

Dr. Yu and his staff are experts at "hand-holding". While we at Quality Eye Care take great pains to educate our patients so that they can make an informed decision about the surgery, we then take the anxiety out of the procedure.

Dr. Yu wants patients walking into surgery not having second thoughts about their decision. Reducing the level of anxiety for a patient is no small matter; the patient is involved in the surgery, and being calm and focused contributes to a good outcome. What we hear from patients over-and-over again at Quality Eye Care, after surgery, is that the only regret they have is that they wish they would have had the surgery sooner.

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Accessibility and Excellent Service: All of Dr. Yu's Lasik patients are given his home and pager numbers before surgery, so they can contact him for any reason, at any time. There is ultimately one person responsible and accountable to the patients. Our service and commitment to your satisfaction does not end with the surgery. You are just as important to us after surgery, as you were before surgery. Your needs are given the same priority as those patients who have not yet had surgery.

We want to be more than a "pit-stop" to you; you will get to know our office staff by name and ask for them when you call. Unlike some faceless Lasik chain outlet (some of which have gone out of business, despite their "lifetime" warranties), Quality Eye Care and Dr. Yu will always be available to take care of their patients.

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While all of the above are important, they all contribute to the ultimate goal: a happy patient. Quality Eye Care is committed to the best possible results for its patients. Dr. Yu is an experienced Lasik surgeon who is forever refining his technique as new information and technology unfold. Medicine is not a static, unchanging field of endeavor, so it is important to change to give patients the best. We invite you to talk to our Lasik graduates to find out first-hand about the kind of results our patients enjoy.

For more information about Dr. Yu, his staff and Quality Eye Care, P.C. or to make an appointment, please visit

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